Karlslund C

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"A saddle where ergonomics and comfort has had a dominant position throughout the entire design. The saddle is built on a flexible synthetic tree, with unique shock absorption and weight distribution, as well as exchangable gullet irons. The tree has a special narrow waist, which gives a good fit and support for the rider. The seat has a very comfortable padding and has good support for the rider.

The kneerolls are short and ergonomic to give good support, but also freedom for the lower legs. Thus the saddle is well suited for all leg lengths. The kneerolls help, along with the special seat shape, to position the rider in the optimal position.

The saddle has a modern flocking with multiple layers of latex, which adapts to the shape of the horse, and distributes weight optimally. The wide channel, along with a special back cut at the front of the flaps, provides a a good freedom for the horses spine, as well as scapulae, which promotes the horses back swining and great leg action.

Made in top quality european leather. 2 long girth straps with a Y-system. Saddle cover included. This saddle can be special ordered with special knee rolls, colors, etc."


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